About Roaches

There are primarily 4 varieties of roaches that we are typically concerned about in the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas. There are some approximately 3500 varieties of roach, which includes termites!

The roach that most people associate with filth is the German Roach. It is the most difficult to control and the most common household roach pest. They are most generally found in the kitchen and bathroom, however; in large infestations we have found them in all rooms of the house. It is also the insect that is most generally associated with commercial kitchens or dirty homes. The reality is, if you have recently acquired them, it’s most likely not your fault. But, if you allow the issue to continue, you certainly may accept some of the blame! The German Roach does not normally travel outside from building to building. It’s a very effective ‘hitch-hiker’. Meaning that usually infestations start by having one ‘donated’ to you in your grocery purchase, spread from apartment to apartment in such dwellings or, perhaps you received one along with a cardboard box you’ve received. They can live up to 15 days on just the glue in that box!

This insect is nocturnal and prefers to hide in tight, dark, secluded places during daylight hours. They are prolific breeders providing 30 to 40 off spring about once every month. Someone did the math and said that if each of the off spring lived and reproduced, the multiplication in one year was about 172 thousand!

The prolific reproduction and the hiding habits combine to make an insect that is very hard to control. Aerosols, fumigation bombs, and other sprays do not get into the nesting sites so other means of control must be used. Baiting has been the best control available over the past few years due to the continued research provided by our manufacturers. Baits are highly successful because, the foraging insects return food to the nests and feed the young. By doing so, we interrupt the life cycle.

Other roaches in the Las Vegas Valley are the Oriental, American, and Turkistan roaches. These insects are quite large in comparison to the German Roach and tend to dwell outside. They will invade a building but, not typically as a nesting place. They prefer sewers, water meter boxes, irrigation boxes, and other damp places. Someone mentioned to me today that because it’s presently winter, there are no roaches. That ‘they’re just not out.’ My first question was ‘not out of what?’ The response to me was that ‘it’s winter and they’re all dead, aren’t they?’ My response to that was, ‘if they all die in the winter, how do the dead ones reproduce so that we have infestations in the warmer weather?’ The answer then was ‘I guess they don’t die, but, where do they go?’ Answer is:  just like me, when it gets cold, I look for a warmer place! If that one gets uncomfortable, I move over to another place where I can be more comfortable. Oh, and like me, they move slower when it’s cold too!

A good qualified professional can provide very good control of roaches. He will be familiar with the products available and how to use them effectively.

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