Scorpion Myths

O.K., I’m getting a lot of comments from people that nothing can be done about scorpions NOT TRUE!

The situation is that if you don’t understand the animal you can’t do anything.  That means that a true experienced technician can make a difference.

The issue is that if you expect to go to the hardware store and pick something off the shelf – even if it has scorpions on its label or in it’s name you are not going to be successful. If you hire someone who is only interested in “spraying as many houses a day as possible” – you’re not going to be successful. If you think this animal is an insect – you’re not going to be successful! If your neighbors have a nest of them and are trying to ‘do it yourself” – it’s going to be more difficult for you (or us) to control. If you have an abandoned (bank owned) home where no one wants to be responsible, with a nest on the property,  – it’s going to be more difficult for you (or us) to control!

Now, with all that said, please understand, for beginning, insects have 6 legs, antennae, groom themselves, need food and water frequently. This animal has eight legs, no antennae and can go for 4 to 6 months without food or water!  It’s more closely related to a lobster than it is to a spider! Now, think of the hard texture of a lobster’s shell and relate that to the scorpion. Remember, the shell is its bone structure or skeleton. Then, there is an outer coating we call cuticle that keeps in the body fluids. Oops!, keeps out foreign materials too.  If you get this, then you can start to understand why it takes so long after they are exposed to chemicals. Usually the time elapse factor is 2 to 5 days. Will our materials kill them? Most definitely!  Will it take time? Most definitely!

There are a couple of factors involved in controlling scorpions. One is the choice material used, where, how, and why. The other is exclusion practice. Just because the label says scorpions doesn’t mean it’s instant kill. Research and experience play a big part in product selection. Removing their food source helps greatly in detouring them from coming. It all about understands their habits.  The other main factor is exclusion. If you have a pet door in the wall or slider, you might consider removing it. Scorpions sense the better or more comfortable environment and will go through the pet door as though there was nothing there. Are there small (or large) gaps in the weather-strip around your exterior doors and door to your garage?  They’ll go through them as though the door wasn’t there! These need to be repaired.  Remember – an adult scorpion can go through a crack as small as the thickness of a credit card!

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